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Top tips to follow after Hip Replacement

More and more people seem to be having hip replacements these days and the average age is dropping. Share these top tips with someone you know to help them make a great recovery.

  1. Take your rehab seriously. If you have been given a booklet, it is important that you read it and practice the exercises before the operation, as well as afterwards. Make sure you plan time into each day after the operation for your exercises.
  2. Move at least every two hours. Your hip will feel stiff and sore at first. This is normal. Pump your feet up and down to get the circulation going, stand up and take a few steps.
  3. Make sure you have the pain relief you need, especially in the early days.
  4.  You will have been given compression stockings, so wear them! They help to prevent blood clots and control swelling. Arrange to have someone in the house when you want to shower, as you will need help taking them on and off.
  5. Walk outside twice a day as soon as you get home. Start with a time you know you can manage, say 8 or 10 minutes and make sure you increase the time a little every three days.
  6. Watch your weight and eat healthily.
  7. Stay positive. You have had a large joint replaced. Give yourself time for your body to heal and get used to this new addition.
  8. Enjoy gradually getting back to the activities you had to give up because of your hip problem and even consider improving your fitness by taking up some new ones.

If you have had (or are about to have) Hip Replacement Surgery and need a bit of extra help, support or expert advice, ring us on 01476 593778 or contact us and see how physiotherapy can help you.