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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a form of massage that is typically used before, during, and after a sporting event or intense exercise. It has been used regularly over many decades by serious athletes. Massage helps to prepare an athlete for peak performance and to aid quick recovery and resumption of training following an event. It helps the body to cope with the effects of training and a heavy workload.

Just as sports people today recognise that the time to buy new trainers is not when they fall apart, more and more people use regular sports massage as extra maintenance for the whole body. Sports massage helps your body remain flexible and strong so you can continue to enjoy problem free exercise and these days, it is available to everyone.

We are often asked if you have to be a sports person to benefit from massage. Massage has wider applications outside the world of sport. It can be used to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, improve relaxation and to promote flexibility. In the rest of Europe regular massage is seen as an integral part of taking good care of your body.

Sports and remedial massage is delivered by Graham Spencer and Cheryl Sheard.

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