Grantham Physiotherapy Practice

Sports Injury

Whether you are a golfer or tennis player, a footballer or a waterpolo player, you sometimes face injury. If the injury does not respond quickly to a short period of rest, it is a good idea to seek professional intervention. Early physiotherapy  assessment and treatment often means a quicker return to your sport. If you do not have a specific injury but find that your muscles feel tight and stiff after exercise you may benefit from Sports Massage. 

Physiotherapists deal with a range of sports injuries on a daily basis, including;

Muscular strains
Hamstring, calf, groin and thigh strains.

Tendon injuries
Achilles, knee and ankle tendons.

Ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders.


We are also able to provide Sports Massage.

For an appointment to see a Physiotherapist or Sports Masseur telephone 01476 593778.