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Knee and Leg Problems

After backs and necks, the knee is one of the most common problem areas that needs treatment. A physiotherapist's examination can often pinpoint the cause of the pain. We are usually able to tell you, there and then, if it is a problem that is likely to respond to physiotherapy and we can get you on the road to recovery right away.

Osteoarthritis. Frequently we are asked if we can help osteo-arthritis of the knee or hip. Osteoarthritis causes pain, stiffness and weakness. After a course of physiotherapy patients usually feel the knee or hip is stronger, they are more mobile and the pain has reduced. Many people also report that they feel more confident and able to manage any remaining pain and stiffness.

Knee Replacement Surgery  The rehab that follows surgery is essential for you to complete your journey to return to a fully functioning knee. Here are our Ten top tips to follow after Knee Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Hips usually make an excellent recovery following surgery, but sometimes you may feel in need of a bit of extra support. Have a look at our Top Tips following Hip Replacement or get in touch.

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