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This page is for students already attending our Pilates courses. 

Winter Term 

  • Daisy's Monday classes course I starts on 08.01.18.

  • Daisy' s Tuesday morning classes course I (former Cheryl Sheard's class) starts on 09.01.18.

  • Kerry's Tuesday evening classes course I starts on 09.01.18.

  • Kerry's Thursday  classes course I starts on 11.01.18.


Use the box below to contact us if you can't make a class.

I can't come

You are eligible for a catch up if you let us know before 11.30 am the working day before your class (11.30 on Friday for Monday classes.) If you can find a suitable catch up date below book it straight away via the box at the bottom of the page.



 Latest dates for 'catch ups'

Have a look for a free space in the available dates and times on the table below.  Contact us below and we will email back to confirm (in case someone beat you to it)

Morning Classes

     Date  13 Feb  15 Feb 19 Feb 20 Feb 22 Feb 26 Feb
Day Tue Thur Mon Tue Thur Mon
9.10am full n/a no class no class no class full
10.10am full 1 space no class no class full full
11.10am full full no class no class full 1 space
12.10pm n/a n/a no class n/a no class 2 spaces

1 space available on 22 March at 11:10am

Evening Classes (Kerry Hunter) 

Date  13 Feb 15 Feb 20 Feb 22 Feb 27 Feb 1 March
Day Tue Thur Tue Thur Tue Thur
 6.10pm  full  no class full full 1 space 1 space
 7.10pm  2 spaces  full  1 space full 1 space full